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It’s Africa Day! This is the best time to be in Africa

I’m writing this from Nairobi, Kenya. It is a sunny morning, and my phone-based weather app says the temperature is 20 degrees outside.  “Why should all that sunshine go unused?” a voice keeps asking me. I will definitely venture outside,… Continue Reading →

My African Lecturer

Poem by Elvis Ondieki. You told me never to cite Wikipedia in my assignments That it isn’t a credible source for academics. Why? And the way they have info on everything? Okay, I nowadays don’t cite Wikipedia. But sure, I… Continue Reading →

Meet Zanna Mustapha, a hope icon for many people in humanitarian crises zone

Barrister Mustapha Zanna is a passionate and committed humanitarian worker whose activities attracted national and international reputation, especially his contribution to peacebuilding and support in the Northeast where it is wallowed by a decade-old insurgency. The region is suffering the… Continue Reading →

At a glance: Profiles of top universities in Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa.

When you look at the top universities in Africa as listed in the World University Rankings 2021 (uniRank), you notice some similarities and start differences. One common theme is that pioneering universities in most countries are still the best to… Continue Reading →

Life as a student exploring the heights in Uganda.

Uganda is home to excellent and affordable universities, and many students from all walks of life are crossing over the East African borders in search of quality education. Kampala International University, located in Kansanga, welcomed me to the bustling city… Continue Reading →

Ten things you probably didn’t know about African universities

Ten things you probably didn’t know about African universities. Tell you what? There are loads of great things happening in universities in Africa, but they are usually understated. Excellent research, more extraordinary brains, and even more incredible innovations keep coming… Continue Reading →

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