The continent of Africa is among the richest in the world with huge untapped resources and potentials especially in the area of education, business, and trade. There is a need to properly promote and market this vast potential of the continent to people both within and outside Africa. Through our platform, we aspire to create a community, facilitate information and networking within the continent. We want to amplify the opportunities for collaborations among faculties by sharing relevant information that will encourage the next generation of leaders to think differently and unlock their talent.

We will do this through our social media platforms, creating a space for dialogue and constructive criticism and organizing international events that will take place at different moments of the year and give the universities, successful professionals, and entrepreneurs a chance to guide the next generation of Africans. This is important bearing in mind the fact that the Africa we want can only be developed by Africans working together through South-South Cooperation and Triangular Cooperation with the continent’s development partners.